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01/20/2014 Implant Direct Biomaterials Subscription Service
01/14/2014 Implant Direct Custom Abutment Overview
01/03/2014 Implant Direct Dr. Gerald Niznick's Retirement
11/25/2013 Implant DirectCustom Laboratory Prosthetics (IFU)
10/18/2013 Implant DirectGoDirect Mini™- Flapless Surgery Technique
10/18/2013 Implant DirectDrilling Sequence/Chart for Spectra-System
08/27/2013 Implant DirectLegacy™3 6mmL Announcement
08/27/2013 Implant DirectBiomaterials Collection
07/23/2013 Implant DirectSwish™ System Catalog
07/23/2013 Implant DirectOverview Catalog 2013
07/16/2013 Implant DirectTransforming The Implant Industry
07/09/2013 Implant DirectLegacy System Product Catalog
06/27/2013 Implant Direct Implant Direct Featured in Articles and Interviews
05/15/2013 Implant Direct New Online Store - Press Release
05/03/2013 Implant Direct Legacy4 873713 System Overview and Surgical (w-audio)
04/29/2013 Implant Direct Zimmer Dental's Selective Discounting
to Win Back Implant Direct Converts
03/29/2013 Implant Direct Dental Education Videos - Single Molar Replacement
Using the 7mmL Implant
03/29/2013 Implant Direct Dental Education Videos - Lateral Tunnel Augmentation - Mila-T System
03/29/2013 Implant Direct Dental Education Videos - Modified External Sinus Lift
03/29/2013 Implant Direct Dental Education Videos - Vertical Bone Augmentation - Ring Technique & ScrewPlant Implants
03/22/2013 Implant DirectSwishPlus Ad
03/22/2013 Implant DirectSwish product catalog 2013
03/22/2013 Implant DirectAO Brochure
03/22/2013Implant DirectImplant Direct Complete Brochure
02/21/2013 Implant Direct Guided Surgery Handles Kit Videos - Lecture and Hands-on Demo
02/05/2013 Implant Direct BioMaterial Brochure
01/21/2013 Implant Direct GoDirect - Narrow Diameter - Narrated by Dr. Niznick
01/21/2013 Implant Direct GPS Leading the Way - Narrated by Dr. Niznick
01/11/2013Implant Direct Reality Check SwishPlus Vs Straumann Tissue Level (with Audio) Newsletter
01/10/2013 Implant Direct RealityCheck Legacy123 vs Tapered Screw-Vent (with Audio)
12/31/2012Implant DirectSpectra-System Product Catalog
12/31/2012Implant DirectSpectra-System Prosthetic Catalog
12/31/2012Implant DirectRePlant-RePlus Product Catalog
12/31/2012Implant DirectRePlant Prosthetic Catalog
12/31/2012Implant DirectSwish Prosthetic Catalog
12/31/2012Implant DirectLegacy Prosthetic Catalog
12/31/2012Implant DirectSwish™ System Product Catalog
12/28/2012Implant DirectThe Simply Smarter Team Approach
12/20/2012Implant Direct Swish™Surgical Tray - Complete Kit (SPCST) and Kit Contents
12/13/2012Implant Direct Surgical Tray - Basic Kit (BST) and Kit Contents
12/13/2012Implant Direct Surgical Tray - Complete Kit (CST) and Kit Contents
12/13/2012Implant Direct Spectra-System Catalog Updated
12/13/2012Implant DirectLegacy System Catalog Updated
12/13/2012Implant DirectTri-Lobe System Catalog Updated
12/12/2012Implant Direct GoDirect 3.0mm & GoDirect Mini - Narrow Diameter Implants - Narrated by Dr. Niznick
12/05/2012Implant DirectGuided Surgery Drill Handle Kit Demo - Updated
10/31/2012Implant DirectDr. Niznick New York Lecture - Presenting Surgical Procedures of the GoDirect™System (with Audio)
10/31/2012Implant Direct4000-69 Packaging
10/22/2012Implant Direct Limitations of the Zimmer Dental™Implant
10/17/2012Implant DirectZirconia Abutments and Bur Block Kit
10/15/2012Implant DirectRePlant All-on-Four Surgical
09/18/2012Implant Direct Ad Brochure For Doctors
09/10/2012Implant DirectReality Check SwishPlus Vs Straumann Tissue Level (with Audio)
07/27/2012Implant DirectLegacy3 855706 Implant Tour
07/27/2012Implant DirectLegacy3 854206 Implant Tour
07/26/2012Implant DirectImplant Direct Manufacturing Facility Tour
07/23/2012Implant DirectAlumnus Spurs Another Faculty First
07/20/2012Implant DirectIXT and SXT Extraction Tools
07/18/2012Implant DirectGPS Abutment
07/17/2012AlloSourceAlloSource Allograft Process Brochure
07/17/2012Implant DirectDirectGen™Mineralized Allograft Instructions for Use (IFU)
07/12/2012Implant DirectMust Have Implants
07/09/2012Implant DirectReality Check - RePlant vs. Nobel RePlace
07/02/2012Implant DirectGPS Tool
07/02/2012Implant DirectGPS Abutment Packaging
06/26/2012Implant Direct Tri-lobe Prosthetic Catalog Updated
06/26/2012Implant Direct Swish™Prosthetic Catalog Updated
06/26/2012Implant Direct Spectra-System Prosthetic Catalog Updated
06/26/2012Implant Direct Legacy Prosthetic Catalog Updated
06/21/2012Implant DirectScrewPlant Surgical Procedures
06/21/2012Implant DirectRePlant Surgical Procedures
06/21/2012Implant DirectGPS Attachments - Leading The Way
06/13/2012Implant DirectSwish System Product Catalog Updated


Implant Direct

GPS™Internal Now Available - DOWNLOAD FILE
05/31/2012Implant Direct Spectra-System Prosthetic Catalog Updated
05/30/2012Implant DirectIDINFOMEDIA USB Drive and Downloadable Software Now Available
05/15/2012Implant DirectScrewPlant®Surgical Procedures Video
05/14/2012Implant DirectRePlant®Surgical Procedures Video
05/14/2012Implant DirectSwishPlus Advertisement (US)
05/11/2012Implant DirectBioResorb®Instructions for Use (IFU)
05/11/2012Implant DirectCytoplast RTM Resorbable Instructions for Use (IFU)
05/11/2012Implant DirectCytoplast GBR-TXT Non Resorbable Instructions for Use (IFU)
05/11/2012Implant DirectCytoplast TI250 Titanium Reinforced Instructions for Use (IFU)
05/11/2012Implant DirectPTFE Sutures Instructions for Use (IFU)


Implant Direct

"New GPS™Bar Abutment" - DOWNLOAD FILE
05/01/2012Implant DirectBioResorb Macropore - DOWNLOAD FILE
05/01/2012Implant DirectImplant Direct Ad Brochure - DOWNLOAD FILE
05/01/2012Implant DirectGPS™Internal Insertion Instructions - DOWNLOAD FILE
04/25/2012Implant DirectSurgical Drills with Variable Band Depth (VBM) markings
04/19/2012Implant DirectGPS Attachments - Leading the Way
03/13/2012Implant DirectScrewPlant Complete
03/01/2012Implant DirectVideo All-Over-4 SwishPlus
02/16/2012Implant DirectAll-on-Four with Legacy Implants
02/16/2012Implant DirectGPS Surgical and Prosthetic Procedures
01/23/2012Implant DirectIndexing for Angled Screw-Receiving Abutments
01/12/2012Implant DirectSwish Team Approach
01/01/2012Implant DirectNew Year Brings New Products From Implant Direct
01/01/2012Implant DirectGoDirect Study at University of Manitoba

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