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Dr. Xavier Saab

Full Arch Rehabilitation - EDU-022319

Dates: 22 - 23 Feb 2019
Address: Las Vegas, NV
This course has been designed to review in detail the surgical knowledge and techniques for the immediate placement of dental implants after full-mouth extractions. The goal is to deliver a step-by-step workflow that will empower dentists with the necessary tools to approach full arch rehabilitation with confidence....
Avi Schetritt
Todd Sawisch

Implant Site Development I "Bone Grafting 101" - EDU-031619

Dates: 15 - 16 Mar 2019
Address: Las Vegas, NV
Developing the ideal implant site often requires bone grafting procedures. Implant Surgeons today must be proficient in socket grafting as well as ridge augmentation techniques. Gain the knowledge and confidence you need to incorporate these procedures into your daily practice. This two-day course combines lecture...
Brian Jackson

Immediate lmplant Placement and Provisionalization "The Next Level Up"- EDU-032319

Dates: 22 - 23 Mar 2019
Address: Las Vegas, NV
The trends in healthcare over the last decade have focused on minimally invasive procedures. Implant dentistry with a patient-focused approach toward better results in less time, encourages treatment acceptance. Immediate implant placement with provisionalization is a long-established and scientifically proven...
Dr. Xavier Saab

Implant Dentistry 101 - Getting Started - EDU-032919

Dates: 29 - 30 Mar 2019
Address: Las Vegas, NV
Take the first step with his two-day course that will focuses on basic surgical principles and protocols, and it is aimed to the General Dentist that wants to take the leap into becoming an Implant Dentist. This immersive course includes academic, live surgery demonstration, and hands-on typodent training.