Product Returns or Exchanges:

Unless otherwise expressly specified, all sales are to be considered final as of January 1st, 2020. Products purchased on, or after this date, may not be returned. Implant Direct may modify or terminate this Return/Exchange Policy at any time in whole or in part. Changes to or the termination of this Policy will not affect the return/exchange rights granted under this Policy for Products purchased prior to the date of the change or termination. This Policy sets forth the entire understanding regarding the return and exchange of Products and supersedes all prior agreements and discussions relating to the return and exchange of Products.


Product Replacement:

Product replacement will be issued if there is a demonstrable manufacturing defect or labeling error. If a suitable replacement is not available, a refund would be issued to the customer.


Implant Guarantee:

Implants that fail to achieve osseointegration are covered by our WARRANTY POLICY


Surgical Instrument Guarantee:

Implant Direct does not accept return of drills or surgical instruments removed from their original package for reasons of cutting edge wear or rust formation due to handling variables outside our control.


Product Shipping Errors:

Shipping costs waived upon shipment of replacement product.


To initiate a return:

Please start the exchange process by contacting our Customer Support at and providing the reference and lot numbers of the Products to be exchanged. You will be notified via email once the exchange has been approved.