1. Log in to your account by going to IMPLANT DIRECT ONLINE STORE. Canadian customers please CLICK HERE.
  2. Once on your Dashboard, RECENT ORDERS appears on the page. To see all orders, click "My Orders" located on the left side of the page. To choose the order that is related to your return claim, click "View Order". Note: If you do not know which order to choose from, you can use the "Advance Search" feature by clicking “Advance Search” located above all the orders.
  3. Click "RETURN" located on the top of the order page.
  4. Type in your valid email address.
  5. Provide all the information about your return claim to the best of your knowledge. Asterisk (*) signifies required information.
  6. If in case there are more items to add, click "Add Item to Return".
  7. Type in your comments.
  8. Check the checkbox to agree and accepts the TERMS AND CONDITIONS (TERMS OF PURCHASE).
  9. Click "SUBMIT"