Conical Connection
    InterActive™ Implants Compared to NobelActive ™

    InterActive ™ Implant System Advantages

    Neck Matched to Major Diameter
    Seals opening at crest of ridge reducing need for bone grafting

    Micro-threads and Grooves
    Micro-grooves and micro-threads to increase stability as well as reduce stress in crestal bone area

    Cutting Edge of Grooves Face Clockwise
    Three long grooves for self-tapping insertion

    Simplify Your Restoration

    Compatible abutments with longer hex/shorter bevel reduce the need for confirming x-rays and offer significant savings!¹

    Tri-Lobe Connection
    RePlant, RePlus & ReActive vs. Nobel Replace

    RePlant ™ Implant System Advantages

    Micro Threads
    Reduce crestal stress for improved intial stability

    Surgical Compatibility with RePlant & Nobel Replace™
    No need to change surgical protocol or tools.

    Coronal Bevel on RePlus & ReActive
    Allows for use of platform switching technology

    Broaden Your Prosthetic Options

    For NobelReplace™ Internal Tri-lobe Implants and save significant money!


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