Why does Implant Direct use Stepped drills for tapered implant rather than Tapered Drills?

When tapered drills are used for tapered implants, they must be length specific. This can easily double or quadruple the amount of drills that are required in a surgical kit. The cost of the surgical kit, likewise, would drastically increase.

Stepped drills, such as those that are utilized by Implant Direct, allow one single drill to be utilized for all 5 of our lengths of implants. The stepped nature of the drills allow good primary stabilization in dense bone for all lengths of our implants without the danger of over compression of the bone which can lead to compression necrosis.

This is but one feature of Implant Direct’s hard bone / soft bone surgical protocol as developed and detailed by Dr. Gerald Niznick in 1998.
Clicking on this link will open the article Dr. Niznick authored in 2000 detailing the hard bone / soft bone surgical protocol.