Does positioning implant at time of placement help in proper alignment of contoured and angled abutments? (Called indexing)

Implant Direct's Angled contoured and angled Abutments for the ScrewPlant, ScrewPlus, Legacy and RePlant two-piece Implants are designed to align with the flat of the hex (or in the case of the RePlant, one of the tri-lobes). This allows the dentist, when placing the implant, to align the flat of the hex (or the tri-lobe of the RePlant implant) to the labial and the angled head will be directed 180 degrees to the lingual - or any variation of rotational positioning as required.To facilitate this, the Fixture Mount on the ScrewPlant and ScrewPlus has a flat on its tapered abutment head that also lines up with the flat of the hex that fits into the implant, thus positioning the flat of the implant's hex.