What Healing options are available for two stage implants (ScrewPlant and ScrewPlus)?

A) : The surgical cover screw and extender located in the plastic holder on the bottom of the sterile inner vial can be used simply as a surgical cover screw for two stage surgeries or as a healing collar for either single stage surgeries or simply when more height is desired.

B) : For two-stage surgeries, use only the surgical cover screw, making sure to retain the extender for use at the second surgery as a healing collar. For single stage surgeries, use both the surgical cover screw and the extender to achieve proper height.

C) : The fixture mount can be modified for use as the final abutment and placed on the implant at stage-one surgery. After the fixture mount is reduced, it can be placed back on the implant at which point the comfort cap, located on the plastic mount in the bottom of the inner vial of the implant, can be placed on the abutment to prevent any abrasion to the tongue or oral cavity during healing.

D) : A separate healing collar may be purchased when purchasing the implant in either a 3mm or 5mm height. The healing collar may be placed either at stage-one for a single stage surgery, or at stage two after a cover screw has been placed and the tissue allowed to heal over during osseointegration.