1. SwishActive


    Compare SwishActive vs. Straumann Bone Level

    Progressively Deeper Threads for Increased Initial Stability plus Surgical Compatibility

    Simply brilliant Straumann®-compatible1 design

    Multi-functional carrier serves as a transfer as well as an indexing tool

    Conical hex connection enables greater precision with six indexing positions versus four

    Micro-grooves reduce crestal stress and increase initial stability

    Progressively deeper threads increase initial stability

    Cutting grooves provide surgical simplicity – eliminates need for bone-tapping

    Threads extended further down length of implant body of improved apical engagement

    SBM textured surface has over 20 years of clinical success

    More length options with 6mm and 16mm lengths available

    All-in-1 Packaging included implant, cover screw, healing collar, and carrier/transfer

    TRUE SAVINGS of $435

    1Surgically compatible with Straumann drills with the exception of profiling drills and Bone Level Tapered drills.