TiBase Abutments

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Introducing SMARTbase, our complete range of TiBase abutments, designed to elevate esthetics with a dual-hue anodization while unlocking restorative flexibility for both the clinician and the laboratory. 


​Dual Hue

Gold anodization for a more natural blending with restorative materials

Pink anodization for a more natural blending with gingiva

Emergence Profile

Designed with a concave profile to enable subcrestal placement with reduced tissue manipulation and optimized for esthetic areas

Discreet Access Cavity

Ability to hide screw cavity on the lingual side of prosthesis

Option of cementing the restoration with the screw in place for a smaller access cavity, requiring less composite material

Angulate the screw channel in anterior for improved esthetics and for greater accessibility in challenging inter-arch space


​From single to multi-unit, restoring a variety of cases is simple with Engaging & Non-Engaging options

Freedom to angulate the screw channel (ASC) from 0 to 25 degrees in a 360 radius

Simplify with pre-assembled "Floating Screw" Option

Fixation Screw can be pre-assembled into the SMARTbase during cementation

Can be carried to the site as a one piece system for easier placement

Prevent loss or accidental swallowing of the fixation screw

Access cavity that allows the screw to pass through when needed


​Labs and doctors alike are ready for any case with SMARTbase's versatility and strength


​Offered in a variety of cuff heights and widths to meet all your screw retained restorative needs

Non-Engaging provides a post height of 6.6mm with a 4mm machined groove indicator for cases that require shorter post height

Available in Engaging & Non-Engaging for implant level and cylinder for multi-unit abutments

Improved Cement Retention:

Grooves for enhanced cement retention versus non-grooved Ti-bases

Flat profile for anti-rotational fit of prosthesis



PEEK/Titanium scan adapters anodized for easy identification for use with intraoral scanners or model scanners


Select from a range of options to design your single to full arch restoration using the SMARTbase 3shape or Exocad CAD libraries


Combine superior esthetics for your patients and freedom of choice on your screw retained restorations

For Dental Labs

SMARTbase is available in popular digital libraries 3shape and Exocad. We offer a step-by-step guide to both digital and traditional workflows. 

The Implant Direct SMARTbase abutment allows a clinician to prescribe any implant product: Straight-Access Hybrid Crown, Angled-Access Hybrid Crown, Custom Hybrid Abutment, with a fully-digital streamlined workflow for the lab.

Don Hagemen    
Implant Manager, Ziemek Dental Lab

SMARTbase Clinical Case with Dr. JB White

Patient presents with a fractured maxillary left canine that is deemed unrestorable. Download the case study to learn how a digital workflow was used to restore the implant with a SMARTbase abutment and provided an elevated esthetic outcome. 

SMARTbase is the best Ti-Base design on the market. The contour, the variety of heights, and the chimney design all make it less likely to lead to prosthetic failures or decementation of crowns. The ASC screw offers my lab flexibility in being able to have the screw channel up to 25 degrees off from the actual straight access screw. 

Dr. Waji Khan   
Dental Surgeon & CEO Cataraqui Woods Healthcare Services   

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