1. InterActive™

    Conical Connection Implant
    Available in SBM and SBActive

    All-in-1 Packaging
    InterActive Implant
    Cover Screw
    Collar Extender
    Fixture Screws
    Prepable Final Abutment
    **Shorten the fixture-mount at the line to act as a final abutment.

    Platforms and Diameters
    Available in 3.2mmD/3.0mmD, 3.7mmD/3.0mmD, 4.3mmD/3.4mmD and 5.0mmD/3.4mmD
    Available Lengths
    6mmL, 8mmL, 10mmL, 11.5mmL, 13mmL, and 16mmL
    Expansive Line of Prosthetic Options
    Industry Compatible 12° Conical Hex¹
    Conical connection compatible with NobelActive™ and NobelReplace™ CC¹
    (Except for Nobel's 3.0 and 5.5 platforms)

    Matched Concave Transgingival
    Profile on Abutments & Components

    Shape soft tissue for improved aesthetics

    Compatible Abutments with
    Longer Hex/Shorter Bevel

    Reduce the need to confirm seating with X-rays

    InterActive implants are prosthetically compatible with NobelBiocare's conical connection with the exception of the 3.0 and 5.5 platforms. InterActive straight titanium, straight temporary and 15° angled abutments compatible with NobelBiocare conical connection.
    Surgical Simplicity
    The fixture-mount square top has a torque safety feature designed to fail at 90 Ncm (3.0 mmD platform) or 126 Ncm (3.4mmD) to prevent damage to the implant interface.


    Compare InterActive vs. NobelActive

    InterActive™ Implant System Advantages
    Titanium Alloy for Increased Strength. Four Diameters Available.

    1  Neck Matched to Major Diameter vs Back-tapered Design
    •Seals opening at crest of ridge reducing need for bone grafting

    2  Micro-threads and Grooves vs Only Grooves
    •Micro-grooves to improve soft tissue attachment and micro-threads
    to increase stability and reduce stress in crestal bone area

    3  Cutting Edge of Grooves Face Clockwise vs Counter-clockwise
    •Three long grooves for self-tapping insertion

    4  Apical 1/3rd Tapers 2° vs 9°
    •Slight body taper increases initial stability without over-compression
    and facilitates self-tapping insertion in dense bone

    5  Rounded Apex vs Flat, Sharp Apex
    •Reduces risk during insertion of implant diverging from path created
    by drilling and the risk of sinus perforation


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