InterActive: 12 degree Conical Connection Dental Implant

The InterActive dental implant system offers implant professionals the benefits of a 12 degree conical implant connection and a balanced family of four implant diameters and two platforms.

Fixture-mounts, abutments, and prosthetic components feature a concave transgingival profile optimized for esthetic areas and designed to allow for subcrestal placement with minimal hard tissue manipulation.


InterActive Dental Implant System


Mount-free implant for procedures that require restorative part selection flexibility.


All-in-1 Packaging for ease of ordering and inventory management.

InterActive prosthetic / restorative products

Technical Summary

  • Four implant diameters: 3.2mm, 3.7mm, 4.3mm, 5.0mm
  • Two prosthetic platforms: 3.0mm, 3.4mm
  • Color-coded conical connection with platform switching, has a 12° bevel
  • Micro-grooves and micro-threads on coronal aspect designed to increase bone-implant contact (BIC) and long-term stability in the crestal bone area.
  • Progressively-deeper buttress threads designed for increased BIC and improved primary stability
  • Three cutting grooves - no bone taps required
  • SBM® surface


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InterActive: 12 degree, conical connection dental implant Learn more about the benefits of the InterActive conical connection and the balanced simplicity and flexibility provided by our four implant diameters and two prosthetic platforms

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