ScrewIndirect One-Piece Dental Implant for One-Stage Surgery

The ScrewIndirect dental implant system offers dental implant professionals a one-piece, tissue level dental implant for multi-unit, screw-retained restoration cases. ScrewIndirect provides one platform across four implant diameters ranging from 3.0mm to 5.7mm.

Implant Direct implants are FDA cleared and manufactured in a state of the art production facility in Thousand Oaks, CA.


ScrewIndirect Dental Implant System


ScrewIndirect dental implant with plastic snap-on comfort cap, 2mm extender, and extender plastic carrier which functions as a snap-on closed-tray transfer.

Buy everything you need and save with cost effective all-in-one packaging.


Technical Summary

  • Four implant diameters: 3.0mm, 3.7mm, 4.7mm, 5.0mm
  • One prosthetic platform
  • SBM™ surface option is a medium-rough surface with over 20 years of clinical success