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Brian Jackson

Immediate lmplant Placement and Provisionalization "The Next Level Up"- EDU-032319

Dates: 22 - 23 Mar 2019
Address: Las Vegas, NV
Immediate implant placement with provisionalization is a long established and scientifically proven approach to implant therapy. This course is designed to cover treatment planning and specific protocols to maximize long-term success. The program will place emphasis on initial diagnosis, surgery, and prosthetics...
Dr. Xavier Saab

Implant Dentistry 101 - Getting Started - EDU-032919

Dates: 29 - 30 Mar 2019
Address: Las Vegas, NV
This course is designed for the General Dentist who is interested in learning more about basic surgical principles and protocols to initiate the process of placing implants. The goal is to empower dentists with the knowledge and confidence necessary to start a simple dental implant practice. After this course,...
JB White

Implant Dentistry 102 - Accelerating Confidence - EDU-040619

Dates: 5 - 6 Apr 2019
Address: Las Vegas, NV
Take the next step in your implant education as this two-day course guides you through the fundamentals of implant dentistry. Participants will learn how to place implants in the esthetic zone, immediate vs. delayed placement, and immediate vs. delayed temporization to develop ideal soft tissue profile. This course...
Gregg C. Hendrickson

HYBRIDGE- Advanced Full Arch Techniques - Las Vegas, NV - EDU-041319HYBNV

Dates: 12 - 13 Apr 2019
Address: Las Vegas, NV
Learn how to effectively predict full arch cases in your practice and be among the first to bring digital full arch dentistry to your market. Give yourself an advantage, and take your productivity to a whole new level. This course will provide you with the tools, techniques and protocols to:
Reduce the time...