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Andrew Kelly

Getting Confident with Tooth Extraction Excellence “Live Patient Course” – August 6-7, 2021 – Winston-Salem, NC

Course Venue: Live
Dates: 6 - 7 Aug 2021
Address: Winston-Salem, NC
This course will review the basic tenants of oral surgery appropriate for the general practitioner. We will explore the use of minimally invasive and alveolar ridge preservation techniques and the management of common complications associated with tooth extractions. This course will cover the armamentarium necessary...
Xavier Saab

Implant Dentistry 101 - Getting Started - EDU-080721

Course Venue: Live
Dates: 6 - 7 Aug 2021
Address: Las Vegas, NV
This course is designed for the General Dentist who is interested in learning more about basic surgical principles and protocols to initiate the process of placing implants. The goal is to empower dentists with the knowledge and confidence necessary to start a simple dental implant practice. This immersive course...
Brian Jackson

Immediate Implant Placement and Provisionalization "The Next Level Up"- EDU-081421

Course Venue: Live
Dates: 13 - 14 Aug 2021
Address: Las Vegas, NV
Immediate implant placement with provisionalization is a long established and scientifically proven approach to implant therapy. This course is designed to cover treatment planning and specific protocols to maximize long-term success. The program will place emphasis on initial diagnosis, surgery, and prosthetics...
JB White

The Dental Triad “Dentist-Patient-Technician” - August 20-21, 2021 - Las Vegas, NV

Course Venue: Live
Dates: 20 - 21 Aug 2021
Address: Las Vegas, NV
Where restorations are involved, good communication between dentists and technicians is the key to successful outcomes and happy patients. The consequences of poor communication can be reflected in several ways depending on where the breakdown occurs. The cost associated with these breakdowns can have financial and...