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As we continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic, we want you to know that we stand by you, your practice, and your mission. We are taking unprecedented steps to protect the health and well-being of our employees, and we wish to extend that care to you. Part of these steps include postponing our “live” Continuing Education events and courses. Please rest assured that we are exploring creative and innovative ways to continue to deliver our educational content during these unprecedented times.

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Avi Schetritt
Todd Sawisch

Implant Site Development II "Soft Tissue and Sinuses" *VIRTUAL LEARNING*

Course Venue: Virtual Live
Dates: 5 - 6 Jun 2020
The clinical success of an implant restoration is dependent on the soft tissue that frames it and on the bone volume surrounding it.  As such soft tissue grafting and sinus grafting are essential skills for the advanced implant surgeon to master.   This two day course will focus on soft tissue grafting and sinus...
Frank LaMar

HYBRIDGE - Advanced Full Arch Techniques - June 5-6, 2020 *VIRTUAL LEARNING*

Course Venue: Virtual Live
Dates: 5 - 6 Jun 2020
Learn the Hybridge protocol for treating patients with complex dental issues who desire a fixed full arch prosthesis and take your productivity to a whole new level.
1. Navigate full arch cases, from surgical to restorative
2. Significantly reduce doctor chair time, maximizing productivity
3. Minimize...
Luigi Massa

Overdenture Treatment Planning - June 8, 2020 *VIRTUAL LEARNING*

Course Venue: Virtual Live
Dates: 8 Jun 2020
An overview of the basic Overdenture treatment planning.
Understand the motivating factors of the overdenture patient
Understand how to simplify the discussion of options

Interpreting the CBCT - June 10, 2020 *VIRTUAL LEARNING*

Course Venue: Virtual Live
Dates: 10 Jun 2020
Cone beam CT imaging has revolutionized the way the maxillofacial region is visualized. Although there are numerous diagnostic capabilities, this 1-hour virtual course will focus on navigating and interpreting CBCT imaging for the purpose of treatment planning and placing dental implants. It will, step-by-step, walk...