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Dr. Delia Tuttle

Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) and Dental Clinical Indications – EDU-060119

Dates: May 31 - Jun 1, 2019
Address: Las Vegas, NV
The purpose of this course is to introduce a new biological approach involving superior blood derivatives A-PRF+ and i-PRF for a variety of dental clinical indications. Comprehensively researched and explained, this course format can be addressed to beginners or experienced practitioners to incorporate autologous...
Dr. Xavier Saab

Full Arch Rehabilitation - EDU-060819

Dates: 7 - 8 Jun 2019
Address: Las Vegas, NV
This course has been designed to review in detail the surgical knowledge and techniques for the placement of dental implants after full-mouth extractions. The goal is to deliver a step-by-step workflow that will empower dentists with the necessary tools to approach full arch rehabilitation with confidence. Focusing...
Avi Schetritt
Todd Sawisch

Implant Site Development II "An Approach to Soft Tissue and Sinuses" - EDU-062219

Dates: 21 - 22 Jun 2019
Address: Las Vegas, NV
The clinical success of an implant restoration is dependent on the soft tissue that frames it and on the bone volume surrounding it. As such soft tissue grafting and sinus grafting are essential skills for the advanced implant surgeon to master. This two day course will focus on soft tissue grafting and sinus...
JB White

Implant Dentistry 102 - Accelerating Confidence - EDU-062919

Dates: 28 - 29 Jun 2019
Address: Las Vegas, NV
Take the next step in your implant education as this two-day course guides you through the fundamentals of implant dentistry. Participants will learn how to place implants in the esthetic zone, immediate vs. delayed placement, and immediate vs. delayed temporization to develop ideal soft tissue profile. This course...