August 16, 2019

A Doctor's Point of View

Increase your clinical knowledge base…increase the level of your patient’s satisfaction…win at the challenge of WOMM (Word of Mouth Marketing).

While the procedure of socket preservation has proven itself to be beneficial in saving vital bone volume, it is not necessarily “top of mind” when performing implants. We understand that to be a trusted brand in today’s competitive marketplace, we own the responsibility of not only producing the highest quality products but also providing the clinical knowledge necessary to advance your talents and practice reputation. 

Additionally, we recognize and respect the value of professionals sharing their proof of success and recommendations with colleagues.  In today’s hyper-connected/social media driven world the power of a single recommendation can have far reaching impact on the entire dental community.

According to Neilson research, 92%* of people trust the input of friends and peers. We encourage you to take a moment to hear from doctors like you and learn the benefits about socket preservation/bone grafting.



*Reference:, WOMM 2019 by Matt Warren.

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