August 16, 2019

Educating Your Patients About Socket Preservation

Did you know your patient’s understanding of the importance of socket preservation can significantly impact their decision to replace missing teeth after an extraction? Well, it does and here’s why.

Let’s take a moment to think about when something new is introduced to you. Maybe it’s a new nutritional supplement, the newest phone upgrade, or even the hottest new dental product. Before you make the decision to invest, you want to know the value that this new “thing” will bring you. So why would you think your patients are any different, especially when it comes to oral health and the esthetics of their smile?

When a patient makes the decision to have a tooth extracted, they have made that decision with the information provided by, you, their doctor, who they have entrusted with their care. Unfortunately for your patients, socket preservation procedures are often left out of these conversations and your patients (and practice) could seriously suffer.

So how do we educate patients on the value of socket grafting even when their insurance provider may not cover it? Well, as mentioned in the article “Is Socket Grafting Standard of Care?” by Dr. Gordon J. Christensen, showing patients comparison photos of clinical procedures in which socket grafting was and was not completed is a good place to start. Your patients may not fully understand or even want to know all of the clinical treatment jargon about socket grafting. But they do need to know that failing to invest in this procedure may cause their bone and soft tissue to shrink, which will seriously impact the fit and look of the implant in which they have already decided to invest.

Images possess the power to tell this story in a way that your patients can easily understand. We live in a world where we are bombarded by before & after photos on social media, they even have their own hashtag (#transformationtuesday). So why not use these as educational tools for your patients? Providing patients with visuals, while speaking to them about the esthetics of their smile, can serve as the perfect educational combination. Patients have the ability to see the value in the procedure and as a result you gain another treatment case. It’s a win-win.

To learn more valuable insights about educating your patients on the value of socket grafting and discover how incorporating this procedure could benefit your practice, click here to access Dr. Christensen’s “Is Socket Grafting Standard of Care?” article.



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