Brian Jackson
Dates: 1 Jun 2020
Time: 1:00pm - 2:30pm
Virtual Live
Course Code: EDU-060120VS
Course fee: $199

Immediate Implant Placement Versus Delayed Approach - June 1, 2020 *VIRTUAL LEARNING*

Immediate Implant Placement with Previsualization is a long established and scientifically proven approach to implant therapy. This course is designed to cover a brief treatment planning and specific protocols to maximize long term success. The program will place emphasis on initial diagnosis, surgery, and prosthetics that will streamline procedures valuable to the patient.


  • Understand the scientific evidence that supports immediate implant placement/provisionalization
  • Comprehend the specific surgical and prosthetic protocols to obtain long term success
  • Be exposed to specific case scenarios and be able to make sound treatment plan decisions using "decision trees"