Brian Jackson
Dates: 14 - 15 Dec 2018
8840 West Russell Road, Suite 210
Las Vegas, NV 89148
United States
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Course Code: EDU-121518
CE Credits: 14
Course fee: $1199

Immediate lmplant Placement and Provisionalization "The Next Level Up"- EDU-121518

The trends in healthcare over the last decade have focused on minimally invasive procedures. Implant dentistry with a patient-focused approach toward better results in less time, encourages treatment acceptance. Immediate implant placement with provisionalization is a long-established and scientifically proven approach to implant therapy. The studies support success rates equal to traditional staged approaches. This course is designed to cover treatment planning and specific protocols to maximize long-term success. The program will place emphasis on initial diagnosis, surgery, and prosthetics that will streamline procedures valuable to the patient. Additionally, limitations, complications, and unique case situations will be discussed and managed via an understanding of “Decision Trees.” Case presentations will demonstrate the protocols in order for participants to leave confident that they will be able to implement an IL protocol immediately in their own practice.


Learning Objectives

* Understand the scientific evidence that supports immediate placement/ provisionalization
* Comprehend the specific surgical and prosthetic protocols to obtain long-term success
* Be exposed to specific case scenarios and be able to make sound treatment plan decisions using “decision trees”
* Understand the advantages and limitations of immediate load and provisionalization
* Be able to manage and avoid complications based on surgical/prosthetic protocols
* Be able to clinically evaluate and diagnose in order to determine what surgical approach is ideal
* Be able to maximize esthetic outcomes in the smile zone in an efficient minimally invasive manner