Avi Schetritt
Todd Sawisch
Dates: 8 - 9 Nov 2019
1700 W Charleston Blvd., Building D, Second Floor
Las Vegas, NV 89102
United States
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Course Code: EDU-110919
CE Credits: 14
Course fee: $1199

Implant Complications and Autologous Growth Factors – EDU-110919

Implant therapy is one of the most successful treatment modalities in dentistry. This success is however not without potential complications. Implant complications can be minor and easy to correct while others can be major and lead to the loss of the implant. This course will review implant complications and discuss their etiology, prevention and treatment. This course will also review autologous growth factors (PRP, PRGF, PRF). Autologous growth factors are fast becoming routine adjuncts to surgical therapy. The benefits of autologous growth factors include accelerated wound healing, decreased morbidity and enhanced results. The course will feature didactic lecture and hands-on exercises for both autologous growth factors and treating implant complications.