Avi Schetritt
Todd Sawisch
Dates: 21 - 22 May 2021
UNLV School of Dental Medicine
1700 W Charleston Blvd., Building D, Second Floor
Las Vegas, NV 89102
United States
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Course Code: EDU-052221
CE Credits: 14
Course fee: $1499

Implant Site Development II "Soft Tissue and Sinuses" - EDU-052221

The clinical success of an implant restoration is dependent on the soft tissue that frames it and on the bone volume surrounding it.  As such soft tissue grafting and sinus grafting are essential skills for the advanced implant surgeon to master.   This two day course will focus on soft tissue grafting and sinus grafting procedures.  Attendee will learn these procedures in a step by step fashion through didactic lectures and hands-on labs.


  • Implant - Soft tissue interface
  • Free gingival grafting
  • Connective tissue grafting
  • Dermis allograft for soft tissue grafting
  • Sinus anatomy
  • Lateral wall sinus lift procedure
  • Internal sinus lift procedure
  • Autologous growth factors for accelerated wound healing