June 08, 2020

Getting to Know Your Fellow Implant Practitioners: Dr. Tina T. Nguyen, DDS

Dr. Tina Nguyen owns and operates Rose Park Dental in San Jose, California. She is a member of the Santa Clara Dental Society, the California Dental Association, the American Dental Association and the University of California, San Francisco Alumni. Dr. Nguyen has been performing implant procedures since 2016 and the Implant Direct Legacy™4 product line is her implant system of choice.

How did you get into dentistry?

Growing up, I really cared about my own teeth. For this reason, I was always observing other people's teeth. I had braces as a teenager, and going to the orthodontist sparked my interest in the dental field. While I was still in high school, I worked in a dental practice learning the business and accounting aspects of dentistry which were not taught in school. So, I knew a good deal about the profession even before entering dental school. After I graduated from high school, I went straight into Dental School, and upon receiving my Doctor of Dental Science Degree in 1999 I started my own practice.

How much of your work is implant related?

I am a general dentist, so I mostly do general dentistry. I'd say about 15% of my cases involve implants. I perform about 10 implant cases per month.

How do you see the profession evolving?

These days, it seems people prefer implants over a bridge or a denture solution. When it comes to quality of life, the difference between how implants perform, compared to the alternatives, is simply too significant to ignore. I feel the implant industry is going to continue to grow because of the improved outcomes they provide patients.

What kind of a role do you think insurance plays in the evolution of the profession?

Insurance will always be a part of the equation. It comes down to whether dental implants are covered by a patient’s insurance. Some insurance policies do not cover dental implants, while some do.

Even when implants aren’t covered by insurance, patients are willing to pay out-of-pocket in order to achieve the desired outcome that implants provide.

As a dental professional, what draws you to Implant Direct?

Working with Implant Direct allows me to offer a better rate to my patients because they offer such fair pricing. As a result, I think I achieve higher case acceptance. My preferred Implant Direct system is the Legacy™4 product line.

Finally, my sales representative Vincent provides excellent partnership and support, not to mention the outstanding Customer Service and Technical Support when I need to speak to someone. For these reasons Implant Direct is a very important part of my practice.

Thank you for your time Dr. Nguyen!


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