August 21, 2019

The Internal Marketing Effort That Produced 23 New Cases in a Single Day

Having established a practice that delivers comprehensive, quality and compassionate care to a base of approximately 5,000 active patients, one of my ongoing goals is to partner with my patients to enhance their quality of life through improved oral care.

Understanding my practice growth goals, my Implant Direct sales representative came to me with a novel idea to consider—host an Implant Day event. Studies tell us that over 48% of American1 adults are missing at least one tooth and 35 million1 are
missing all their teeth in one or both jaws. I concluded that implant procedures would be a way to enhance my patient’s overall oral health while growing my practice. 1:

Intrigued with the idea, my Implant Direct representative and I got to work on a plan on how the event would shape up.

The Strategy

I knew I had a number of patients who were both in need of, and potentially interested in, a fixed solution to their edentulous areas. But for a variety of reasons, it wasn’t something that they were motivated to address. These were the people we wanted to reach.

The Execution

The goal of the efforts were to get patients to attend the event. With our input, the Implant Direct staff designed an in-office poster we used to announce “Implant Day” to patients coming into the office. We also designed an email to send to my patients announcing the event details. After editing the list and removing any unqualified patients, we were left with 4,036 individual email addresses. Finally, we did a modest campaign via social media through Facebook.

Preparing the Staff

The day was about educating patients on the benefits of dental implants. So my staff and I had to brush up on how we would address any questions our patients would have. My Implant Direct representative equipped us with a “Seminar Kit” which contained FAQs, Staff Training Guides and educational materials we could provide to patients.

The rules for Implant Day were simple. Patients attending the event were offered:

  • $1,000 (fixed) discount off the total cost of their implant procedure. This meant if thepatient needed a single implant this was a significant discount. If they needed moreextensive work, it was a smaller percent.
  • A free scan with our new CBCT system.
  • In exchange, we asked them to put a deposit of $300 down towards their treatment. Thatway, we both had some “skin in the game” as they say.

We allotted a three-hour timeframe for the event, dividing the evening into 30 minutes slots. This would give the patients time to be seen by a doctor, receive a CBCT scan and have a basic treatment plan devised. Obviously we had the practice fully staffed for the event.

The Results

We sent out 4,036 invites, which were opened by 2,194 patients. From this effort, 27 people signed up to attend the event. Of those, 25 showed up (there were 2 no shows) with 23 putting down a deposit on implant treatment that night. This equated to a conversion rate of 92%. By the end of the evening, the total dollar value of the implant work that was booked exceeded $115,000.

Today we are happily working our way through the first round of respondents. In addition to meeting the needs of many of our best customers, we also picked up at least two new patients. While there are a lot of variables involved and each practice has their own way for calculating the lifetime value of a patient, these two additions could represent another $20K to $90K in value. Plus as we all know, once patients invest in significant work like this, they are often motivated to better monitor and maintain their oral health.

While this may seem like a one-off promotion, the truth is that I still have so many patients in need of implant type work, we don’t anticipate exhausting our internal list for a while. I know many of my fellow dentists claim they don't understand marketing or that they find it intimidating. But this approach is just so simple to implement and execute. It’s a wonderful tool to help dentists grow their practice, build their brand and generate new revenue.

*About Dr. Martin
Raymond K. Martin received his DDS from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio and completed a GP residency with the Tufts College of Dental Medicine. He owns his own practice in Mansfield, MA and has been placing implants for nine years. He is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry, the American Dental Association, the Massachusetts Dental Society, and the Southeastern District Dental Society. He has achieved Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry and Fellowship in the American College of Dentists, the International College of Dentists, and the Pierre Fauchard Society. Dr. Martin currently serves as a Trustee of the Massachusetts Dental Society and the Academy of General Dentistry.

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