August 16, 2019

One Year From Now...

We’ve all heard the famous quote from author Karen Lamb, “A year from now you may wish you had started today.” And sure, it may be easier said than done because it’s often easier to put the start of something new on the backburner because it may take longer to achieve. But if you knew of a way that you could grow your practice by not only increasing revenue but also expanding the level of care you are able to offer your patients, would you start today?

For many doctors, there’s one procedure in particular that has been proven to help grow their practice that is being overlooked. Socket Grafting.

Whether it’s the perception that socket preservation treatment is too costly for your practice, the fear that patients won’t see the value in the procedure, or maybe even an uncertainty of the technique involved, many doctors are choosing to refer their patients elsewhere. This means referring revenue out the door and needlessly inconveniencing your patients.

Here’s where we at Implant Direct can help. We want your practice to be as lucrative and successful as possible and that’s why we’d love to offer you the opportunity to work directly with an Implant Direct associate for your very own personalized socket grafting practice review. With this review, we will give you access to patient education materials on socket preservation, inform you about fee information for your specific location, give you open access to hands-on classes on socket preservation procedures, and show you estimated costs and potential promotions for volume biomaterial purchases. 

And if you’re not yet ready for a personalized review of your practice, that’s okay. You can simply click here to download our “Socket Grafting & Practice Growth Guide” and retrieve a few simple tools to help you understand your practice’s growth potential by including socket preservation procedures.

Just think, in a year from now, you’ll be happy that you started today.



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