August 16, 2019

Socket To Me

As you know, implant procedures are driving growth within the dental space. Between the Baby Boomer generation reaching their golden years and access to implant procedures across additional price points increasing, this growth is expected to continue.

With implant procedures becoming more popular, some practices are now reconsidering socket grafting. Long considered an optional procedure in all but the most obvious cases, some practices are beginning to view socket grafting as a part of the treatment protocol for all cases involving atraumatic extraction. Others now consider any implant within the “smile zone” worthy of grafting.

If your practice hasn’t reconsidered your position on socket grafting, this would be a good time to take a look. To help you make an informed decision about this potentially profitable procedure, Implant Direct is offering clinicians a free copy of, “SOCKET TREATMENT: Procedure Guide”.

In this 8-page guide, you’ll learn the procedural options for socket treatment, techniques to manage the healing process, how to minimize treatment procedures and even the extraction and treatment codes to use when working with insurance. This easy to read guide presents dental providers with all the information needed to consider before they start incorporating simple, predictable bone-grafting procedures into their core competency.

Want to know more about how socket preservation can help your practice prepare for the future? Simply click the button below to download this invaluable clinical resource.



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